Atlas Jobs Dobrodosli

AtlasJobs Company deals with online recruitment and placement of workers. Description of jobs can be found in the Jobs section, and sectors within which our company is dealing with recruitment are the following:

Atlas Jobs - Poslovi - Energija i Hemija

This sector covers:

  • Oil and gas exploitation – work on fields and at plants
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry – work at refineries and plants
  • Transportation of oil and gas – transportation and security
  • Oil and gas pipelines – maintenance and security
Atlas Jobs - Poslovi - Izgradnja

It covers construction of:

  • Roads
  • Factories and plants
  • Electric power plants
  • Alternative systems for production of energy
  • Power supply systems
  • Oil and Gas Transport Systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Military facilities and plants
  • Commercial and residential facilities
Atlas Jobs - Poslovi - Globalni Servis

Covers maintenance and working in:

  • Energy Industry and at plants
  • Chemical Industry and at plants
  • Foodstuff Industry
  • Healthcare and care facilities
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Transport and supply chain
Atlas Jobs - Vojni Poslovi

As the title says, it refers to the abovementioned and other activities directly related to army and military service.

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